YouTuber Transforms Working Toilet Into A Full-Fledged Gaming PC

There are all kinds of custom PCs out there, but YouTuber Basically Homeless might have just blown all the competition out of the water. The content creator has built a full-fledged, functioning gaming PC out of a working toilet, complete with all the plumbing and fluids.

To achieve the feat, Basically Homeless fitted their toilet’s tank with a motherboard tray, a suitable amount of airflow, and a self-created “water wall” to keep the computer (or shall we say, com-poo-ter) parts separate from the toilet’s plumbing. The idea was to fence them off from each other, so that you’ll be able to flush the working toilet while playing games. A fan has also been built into the lid to cool the internal components, with an RTX 3060 GPU and Intel Core i7-12700 processor lending extra horsepower to the whole set-up.

The process took quite a fair bit of trial-and-error on the YouTuber’s part, who had to learn basic plumbing and how to cut porcelain. Now that everything’s booted up, the hybrid build actually makes for an oddly impressive sight, even if most of us will likely never have any use for it.

The man himself also got to play a round of Counter-Strike from the comfort of his bathroom, which makes the endeavour a win-win situation: not only does he have the perfect conversation starter in his room, he is now able to fix his own toilet as well.

The full video documenting the entire toilet-to-gaming-PC transformation may be viewed below: