YouTube Rewind 2016!

As the year 2016 comes to a close, you can bet the amount of YouTube content our sunny little island consumed is stratospheric. From local productions to worldwide viral videos, 2016 has been full of awesome content and the unique weirdness of the Internet.

YouTube Rewind is all about looking back at the biggest music, trends, memes, and characters, with the theme “Rewind Reality” for this year’s YouTube Rewind 2016 video. Over 200 creators and talent from around the world discover a Rewind Button that gives them the power to transform the world around them, turning the everyday into larger-than-life scenes inspired by YouTube, and you can watch it here!

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With Singaporeans spending more time on YouTube (a growth of 35% over the last year), you may wonder what has captured our attention the most. Here’s a brief recap!

Emerging top of the list, this video accurately captures the weirdness of the Internet and how we have embraced the unusual. The ridiculously catchy tune of fictional singer Pikotaro, “PPAP – Pen Pineapple Apple Pen” caught on like wildfire and made the list despite its late entry in the year.The support for local YouTube creators continues to grow with four videos making it to the top 10 trending videos list. These include two comedic videos by Night Owl Cinematics (NOC) – “Why Young People Hate Chinese New Year!” and “Boys Vs Men” – and popular YouTuber Tan Jian Hao’s “8 Types of Pokemon Go Players in Singapore”. It would appear that the same content seems to be garnering the bulk of the attention, perhaps a refresh of the ecosystem will do us some good!

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Of course, who can forget the time when we threw our support behind Singaporean crooner Nathan Hartono after his swoon-worthy rendition of “有没有” in the blind auditions of Sing! China. Having one of our own on the international stage certainly unites Singaporeans like nothing else.

There is no doubt Singaporeans love YouTube, and local productions and talents are being recognised globally with more overseas viewers than ever before. 2017 will be home to hopefully new content that can wow and capture our imagination. In the meantime, you can check out the YouTube Singapore Rewind channel and relive the trending videos of 2016!

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