Sega Games Streets of Rage and Altered Beast to return on Film and TV

If you were a 90’s kid, more likely than not you would have had some experience with the house of Sonic, Sega. While the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive can be considered a less moderate success compared to Nintendo’s offering at the time, some of its games are true classics. Now these classics are set to come to cinemas as Sega has partnered with Circle of Confusion – a production company that has worked on shows like The Walking Dead, Outcast and films like Straight Outta Compton, to produce an initial two films.

The first to get this treatment is Altered Beast, the 1988 side-scrolling beat-em-up with a lycanthropic main character, while the other is the ever awesome Streets of Rage, another side-scrolling brawler full of colourful characters and 80s action film tropes released in 1991. The resulting films will be released through Stories International, a production arm for gaming intellectual properties.

Altered Beast
Streets of Rage

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Sega has lined up its full games library for the same adaptation if the initial two films prove to be a success. Imagine Shinobi, Golden Axe, The House of the Dead, Virtua Fighter, and a bevvy of other titles being screened at a theatre near you, Crazy Taxi anyone? This, of course, remains conjecture at the moment, and Sega and Stories International are reportedly seeking to cosy up with other major studios, producers, and filmmakers to continually develop the Sega cinematic universe. We eagerly await the next dawning of video games movies that can hopefully buck the trend of poor adaptations.