You Can Now Wear Pokéballs On Your Feet With These Pokémon Heels By Zara

How far would you push the limits of your love for Pokémon? The Pokémon Company is at it once again with another bizarre footwear collaboration, this time with fashion brand Zara.

The brainchild of the two companies is a pair of traditional covered heels, with Pokéballs as the heel itself. We’re not sure about you, but we’re positive that you can certainly store some of your favourite pocket monsters there to call upon them when you’re in trouble.

The last time we saw the company do a proper footwear collab was with GLAMB last year. Those Pikachu sneakers were definitely eye-catching, bearing the iconic electric mouse’s features, and tail to boot. These heels offer a more subtle way of showing your love for the franchise (at least until you show off those swanky heels).

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In any case, these heels can be found at online Zara stores in China for US$30.

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