You Can Now Buy An Iron Throne For The King Cat Or Dog Of The Home

The final season of Game of Thrones is upon us. Many are clearly anxious to see who gets to claim the legendary Iron Throne for themselves.

Spoiler alert: it’s your cat or dog who’ll be sitting on it after all the arrows are fired, all bottles of explosive Wildfire bombs flung, dragon’s breath breathed, and White Walkers and living beings alike slain.

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This cool Iron Throne cat/dog bed is perfect for your furry companion who likes to curl up like the kings or queens they are in your home. Perfect for when you’re watching Season 8 of HBO’s critically-acclaimed fantasy series, or binging the previous seven seasons to catch up to speed on the story.

In the meantime, check out the latest character art released by HBO (but where is the trailer??) –

But we digress.

While we might be all wondering who will remain and ascend the Iron Throne, here are some shots of the bed in action –

These fancy Iron Throne beds are sold exclusively at Ukraine-based Etsy store MadeForPets. Each goes for S$379.20 exclusive of shipping, which in itself is approximately S$41.82.

Quite a hefty sum, but from the satisfied looks of the critters pictured above, it might worth splurging on, especially if they have a royally upstart attitude to match this royally extravagant bed.