Xbox One Gets Mouse And Keyboard Support!

Console gamers, especially those that love first-person shooters, changes are incoming.

Announced during the recent Inside Xbox livestream, Phil Spencer himself announced that Xbox One will finally be getting full keyboard and mouse support. Arriving on Xbox Preview next month, the new feature will first be tested on free-to-play game Warframe.

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The decision to include keyboard and mouse support is seen by Microsoft as an added tool for developers to add more control schemes for their games, if they even want to.

“If you’re a dominant FPS player right now on controller and you’re worried that all the sudden you’re gonna get swamped because a bunch of mouse and keyboard players are gonna get flooded into your game, that’s not what we’re doing, we’re putting choice into the hands of the developers about the games that they want to bring.”

Phil Spencer

There will be more information about this new, exciting feature when Microsoft’s XO18 event commences on November 10, stay tuned!

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