Xbox’s Grass Is Greener With Lawn Mowing Simulator + Ancient Britain DLC Now On Game Pass

Chores that feel tedious in reality become therapeutic and relaxing in video games. This isn’t all too surprising, as video games minimise physical exertion and unexpected hiccups, preserving only the meditative part of chores. This is the niche that Lawn Mowing Simulator belongs in. The game has landed on the Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers can now discover the joys of lawn mowing.

Want to enjoy the ASMR effects of mowing lawns without sweating under the hot sun? Don’t want to deal with the maintenance of a lawnmower? This is the game for you. Lawn Mowing Simulator is a celebration of the mundane, and a calming way for players to take in the sights of the game locations.

The brand new Ancient Britain DLC lets players explore the desolate beauty of British ruins in four different locations – The Royal Stones, Druid’s Tor, The Ancient Aurochs, and Aurochs Hill. Also, string trimmers are added to the game, for players to really mow lawns with more finesse.

For those who don’t have lawns to mow, this game can also provide that meditative experience of an outdoor chore. The simulator genre has continually surprised gamers with titles that sound strange initially, but end up developing cult followings because of their hypnotic gameplay loops. It looks like that is no different for Lawn Mowing Simulator.