Xbox & Air Jordan Soars In Fancy New Collaboration

Crossovers between brands are hardly new nowadays, what with the many shoe collaborations we have seen in the past years, but this upcoming Xbox X Air Jordan collab might just be the most stylish of them all.

First teased on February 11 by Xbox, an announcement was due to take place on February 13.

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However, we are getting first looks through a sneak peek on the Jordan iPhone app’s Twitter account.

Not only are you looking at a Jordan-inspired Xbox One X in the sleekest of red with the iconic logo, matching controllers, but also a pair of Air Jordan 3 Retro SE ‘Unite’ kicks.

If you are a big fan of either brands, this will be the perfect way to celebrate your love for them both. Either way, with no release date nor a price set yet, this will likely cost a pretty penny and only for serious collectors only.