X-Men '97

X-Men ’97 Season 2 Is Nearly Complete, Season 3 In Development

X-Men ’97 might have just ended its first season, but there’s more in store for the franchise, in an update from Marvel executive Brad Winderbaum revealed that production on Season 2 was nearly complete, with Season 3 in development.

x-men 97 season 2

“There’s always a delay between Season 1 and 2 because they want to see if there’s a success on their hands before they invest in the second season. And we were able to actually greenlight Season 2 before we aired it, just from the quality of the work that we were seeing on the inside,” said Winderbaum, “… but the material is great. I think it holds up against the first season and we are currently writing the third season.”

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x-men 97 season 2

With Season 1’s cliffhanger ending scattering the X-Men across timelines, there’s already an intriguing premise set up for a second season, but fans might have to wait a little longer to see the gang in action once more.

The series has been renewed for a third season, which is currently in the development phase, and since writer Beau DeMayo’s surprise exit, Season 3 will have a new head writer, but details have remained scarce.

We’re excited to see the payoff for the apocalyptic events Season 1 set into motion, and until X-Men ’97 Season 2 releases, why not go back and read the comics?