Witching Hour Studios – Singapore’s Most Successful Game Developer

They won’t ever call themselves this, so we’ll do it for them.

It took them a few years to get from Ravenmark: Scourge of Estellion, an iOS game, to PC game Masquerada: Songs and Shadows (the console version will be out in 2017), but local indie developer Witching Hour Studios can easily call themselves Singapore’s top local game developer.

No, it’s not because of their successful KickStarter project, or the fact that they have won several global industry accolades over the years, including this most recent one by Gamasutra, which ranks them up side by side with other top notch developers.

Maybe you have heard of Blizzard, id Software, Niantic and Hello Games? There’s Witching Hour Studios up there with them now, in good company.

Sure, the back of your mind might think that WHS is that small, and if we were to ask WHS’s co-founder, Ian Gregory, he will probably tell us that being nominated is already all the glory his team needs.

After all, game development in pragmatic Singapore is a challenge task in itself. Geographically, we’re not in the best of positions or brave enough when it comes to exploring other alternative forms of media. Even so, the required funding seems to be going into all the wrong places as well. But, that’s a tale for another day.

Witching Hour Studios has come a long way since they were first nominated as the Best Indie Game at 2015’s Tokyo Game Show by Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation. And, it was no turning back for the team from that point on.

So we will come out and say it – after all that Witching Hour Studios has achieved, there has been no local developer that has done even half as much, and reached even a fraction of what WHS has achieved – which makes Witching Hour Studios the most successful local game developer in the history of the Little Red Dot.

Time to break open another bottle of Moscato guys.