Westworld Renewed For Season 4 To The Surprise Of Many

It’s official — Westworld will return very soon with a fourth season. After a whirlwind Season 3, which, at the time of writing, is still yet to end with two more episodes to go, this is no doubt something many diehard fans have been wanting.

Or have they? Interestingly, there were several factors that dissuaded some (us included) to think that Westworld would be renewed for Season 4. Firstly, showrunners Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan signed a five-year deal with Amazon Studios earlier this month after their contracts with HBO expired (via The Hollywood Reporter).

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Typically, for show devs to jump to a different studio, it usually means they take their shows with them. But of course, the new deal doesn’t limit them to make shows just for Amazon, as they also declared that they will still partner up with HBO and Warner Bros. to make more seasons for Westworld.

Additionally, viewership for Season 3 as seen in Nielsen data (via Variety) has declined significantly compared to the previous two seasons, with about 57% less viewers for the premiere compared to Season 2’s. this data alone does raise some eyebrows as to the incentive to renew the show for another season, but it seems as though Nolan and Joy are more than willing to take the gamble and push the narrative forward once more.

What exactly lies in store for Dolores Abernathy and company in Westworld Season 4 remains to be seen.