Watch Patrick Stewart Invite Whoopi Goldberg To Star Trek: Picard Season 2

It looks as though we may yet see Whoopi Goldberg return to the Star Trek franchise as Guinan. And guess who extended the invite to bring her back to the fold: none other than Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart!

In a recent episode of the ABC talk show The View, the 78-year-old acting veteran, as a guest star, personally invited Goldberg to join the Star Trek cast “one more time” for the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Picard. Here’s the clip for your viewing pleasure:

“Star Trek was one of the great experiences from the beginning to the end,” exclaimed Goldberg after exchanging an emotional embrace with Stewart amidst raucous applause. “I had the best, best, best time. Best time ever!”

To which, Stewart responded with a beam: “Well, it was wonderful having you, and we cannot wait to have you with us again one more time.”

Whoopi Goldberg first appeared on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1988 alongside Patrick Stewart’s Picard as the El-Aurian bar hostess, Guinan. She then went on to be part of the series for 28 episodes for The Next Generation between 1988 and 1993. Seeing her return once more will no doubt make fans pump their fists into the air with glee.

Star Trek: Picard‘s first season had only just debuted yesterday, on 23 January 2020, with production for Season 2 slated to begin sometime in the spring.

In other Star Trek-related news, a fourth main film in the franchise, as well as a Star Trek: Discovery spinoff series starring Michelle Yeoh as Captain Philippa Georgiou, are both in the works.