Unreleased Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Is Now Available for Download

We were pumped to see the trailer and pre-registration news for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery earlier this month, but the game had a vague release date of Spring 2018. Well guess what, potterheads? An unreleased version of this highly anticipated role-playing game can be downloaded on the Google Play store now!

The game is still in its development phase, so it comes with a heads-up on the store page that the app may be unstable. It is also currently only available for Android devices, so Apple users might have to wait just a little longer before getting their hands on the game.

You start off in Diagon Alley and meet Rowan, a fellow first-year student at Hogwarts who helps you out with getting your supplies. But first things first, your acceptance letter of course!

You get your books at Flourish and Blotts, and step into Ollivanders for your first wand.

You meet back with Rowan where you chat and become fast friends, with the game giving you dialogue choices along the way.

And then it’s off to Hogwarts for the sorting ceremony in the Great Hall! The Sorting Hat naturally takes your preferences into account.

With that done, it’s time to go to your house common room to meet your new housemates and continue on your adventure across multiple chapters and school years.

What are you waiting for? Download the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery app now on the Google Play Store to give it a try, ahead of its official release!

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