Universal Fills Pipeline With Reportedly New, Possibly ‘R’-rated Van Helsing Movie

The entertainment scene is no stranger to the likes of vampires, werewolves, and nocturnal creatures, and it certainly isn’t going to stop exploring the genre anytime soon. 16 years after Van Helsing was first dropped in theatres, Universal Pictures is looking to revisit the movie, with Overlord director Julius Avery at the helm.

Hugh Jackman as the famous monster hunter in Van Helsing (2004).

Deadline reports that the American film studio will be producing an original horror-slash-thriller set in the world of the famous monster hunter. Aquaman 2 director James Wan is set to produce under his Atomic Monster production company, whose upcoming slate includes the indefinitely-delayed Mortal Kombat and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.

Plot details are currently being worked out, and it’s unknown how the character of Van Helsing will be explored in the movie. There’s a possibility, however, that it may end up being ‘R’-rated following the success of The Invisible Man – the first of Universal’s monster horror repertoire – earlier this year, alongside Avery’s experience with the gritty and gory in Overlord.

With a more mature rating option, there should be more flexibility and freedom for the team to showcase the monstrosities and inhuman elements that are often associated with the gothic genre. No release date or a confirmed cast list has been announced, so the return of original actor Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing is anyone’s guess, though it’s likely to not happen. Emphasis on ‘likely’.