Unboxing Hasbro’s Transformers Collaborative: X-Men Mash-Up – The Ultimate X-Spanse

Hasbro’s massive 27-inch Unicron monster of a toy put the team through a tough spot during its transformation. The magnitude of it still leaves us in awe yet we believe sometimes, size isn’t everything.

Regardless of which point you entered the X-Men family, it’s hard to escape Jim Lee’s iconic art style which saw it translate into comic books, video games, and now….as a Transformer??

This uncanny collaboration between robots in disguise and mutants has landed in our geek den. A crossover that would help mutants combat against the Sentinels – behold Hasbro’s Ultimate X-Spanse.

The ultimate mutant ally, X-Spanse is an Autobot of X-Men’s prominent X-Jet based on the Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird. With the exception of mutant teleporters like Magik, the X-Jet is probably the only one transport that you’ll see mutants hopping on throughout their comic and movie appearances.

Part of the Transformers Collaborative line by Hasbro that has featured several notable collaborations like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, the Ultimate X-Spanse is their latest collaborative effort to mash the worlds of Transformers and X-Men together.

Inspired by the 1992 animated series (which is also now showing on the Disney+ platform), the entire toy comes in the iconic blue and yellow colourway design adorned by the X-Men. The box is embellished with the classic bold X-Men logo and packaged in a vintage 90’s design that induces a whole lot of nostalgia.

The Ultimate X-Spanse comes with two miniatures of Wolverine and Sabretooth and three energy blast accessories based on Psylocke. Two of the energy accessories can be put on the robot and one on either miniature. Despite feeling a little strange with Sabretooth as part of the boxset, the couple-up with Wolverine provides fans with the pleasure of reenacting their longtime rivalry. 

The X-Jet transforms into its Robot Mode inspired by Cyclops, much to the disappointment of Wolverine. Equipped with an adjustable visor, psionic claws, and blades, this is an all-out fusion between mutant, robot, and jet that every fan possibly dreams of. Perhaps Wolverine might think twice about disobeying his beam blasting mutant commander from now onwards.

Transforming into the 8.5-inch robot takes 34 steps. It took a while to figure out the clasps, but we managed to figure out the transformation within an hour. The figurine features basic arm and leg joints along with several swivels on the hips, head and elbow. Considering the stature of the figure, it highlights the X-men’s deco and details exquisitely. 

Fans of Transformers might realize that the X-Jet is based on Jetfire from the Transformers Bayverse. Hasbro might have used the Studio Series Jetfire’s figurine mould even though we can still see some effort put in to reconstruct certain details.

The Ultimate X-Spanse is currently available on Lazada Singapore for S$119.90 and starts shipping on 1 March 2021.

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