McDonald's Japan Ultraman

Missed Opportunity As New McDonald’s Ultraman Chicken Burger Lacks Salted Egg Yolk

Following the teaser images posted on Twitter to drum up the hype, details surrounding the McDonald’s Japan x Ultraman collaboration has been revealed. The collaboration is based on two Ultraman productions, the first being 1971’s Return of Ultraman television series, while the second is the upcoming Shin Ultraman movie, which will be premiering in Japan on 13 May 2022.

This is quite fitting, as Shin Ultraman is meant as a reimagining of the original Ultraman television series from the 1960s, bringing the character back to its roots.

This collaboration introduces seasonal menu items, with the highlights being the two burgers, both with a chicken tatsuta, and one with tartar sauce. The standard Ultraman burger has been seen before in previous collaborations, while the one with tartar sauce is brand new. It is quite the missed opportunity not to incorporate salted egg yolk into the burgers, which would’ve been fitting as the Chinese translation of Ultraman is 咸蛋超人, which means ‘salted egg superman’, owing to the egg-shaped eyes of the hero. The top buns of the burgers also have an odd bulge, which has been seen before during previous seasonal releases of the chicken tatsuta burger.

There are other seasonal items included as well, such as the garlic and chilli shaker fries, carbonated Fuji apple juice soda, and carbonated watermelon juice soda. The menu items are available starting from 20 April 2022 in Japan, so fans of Ultraman who find themselves in Japan during that period, don’t miss out on these McDonald’s burgers!