Uniqlo’s Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary UT Collection Leaked And We Want Them All

The purveyor of mainstream pop culture apparel Uniqlo is back once again for another collaboration. This time around, the Uniqlo Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary tee collection features a set of 16 tees representing each main Final Fantasy game since its initial release in 1987.

Thankfully, the designs are not pure key art reversions and the jump in visuals is especially apparent once we arrive at Final Fantasy VII.

If you’re a fan of pixel art, you’d be perfectly at home with the first six tees. Have a look at the entire collection here –

Final Fantasy I
Final Fantasy VII

These Uniqlo Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary tees were initially revealed by Uniqlo Vietnam with a late April 2022 release date. If the prices hold steady compared to other releases, we can expect the tees to cost about ¥990 / US$19.90 / S$24.90.