Twin The Air Jordan XXXV Sneakers With Snapchat Bitmojis In New Digital Fashion Collection

This week is a special one for sneakerheads, as it is the unveiling of the new Air Jordan XXXV (or Air Jordan 35 for the lay man). In celebration of the new silhouette’s launch in mid-October, Snapchat has launched a new series of Jordan-themed digital apparel and sneakers so you can give your Bitmojis the same drip that you wear.

The Jordan Brand x Bitmoji Collection gives Snapchat users more ways to express themselves on the app, with new basketball-inspired digital accessories with which to dress Bitmojis up. These includes tops, bottoms, as well as the new Air Jordan XXXV in multiple colourways.

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The designs include the Jordan 23 Engineered apparel and Women’s Flight Suit, as well as other Jordan sneakers such as the Air Jordan II and Air Jordan III. Since the collection is also available for purchase on Nike.com, this new Bitmoji collection is a great way for users to try out various looks before pulling the trigger on their new clothes or sneakers.

The Jordan Brand x Bitmoji Collection is now available worldwide on Snapchat on Android and iOS. You can scan the Snapcode below to start using the Jordan Brand x Bitmoji Collection too.