Total Warhammer III Immortal Empires Teases Upcoming Beta With New Trailer

Total Warhammer III Immortal Empires Teases Upcoming Beta With New Trailer

For players who have spent any amount of time in the Total War: Warhammer series, chances are, you are looking forward to waging war across the largest landmass and against every single faction there is. Thankfully, Creative Assembly has been planning for this, and the latest teaser trailer for Total War: Warhammer III finally shows off the Immortal Empires feature.

In the trailer, we see the likes of Karl Franz and other familiar faces going head to head in battle. What other changes will be implemented in the game remains to be seen, but this is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Immortal Empires will essentially combine all three Total War: Warhammer games into a singular experience in Total War: Warhammer III, letting players build their empires from one end to the other. Of course, we can expect plenty of conflicts to take place in between, creating an experience that will likely last for weeks and months.

The feature is not ready just yet, but Creative Assembly has confirmed that the beta of Immortal Engines will take place sometime in the third quarter of the year. Eager rulers will just have to be a little more patient.

With the already 10 legendary lords available in the base game set to be bolstered by allies and foes in the new feature, players will be spoilt for choice. Hopefully, Immortal Empires can turn the tide and help move Total War: Warhammer III in a better direction, one that fans can truly get behind.