Tom Hardy Set Pics Indicate Venom 2 Will Show Origins of Carnage 

Tom Hardy recently posted pictures behind the scenes of filming Venom 2 and it may have revealed something HUGE. The actor deleted his Instagram post soon after uploading it but fans were quick to take screenshots.

The first photo showed the film’s director, Andy Serkis, directing a scene. The next photo showed a sign that reads “St. Estes Orphans”. Below it, it says “Home for Unwanted Children.”

Marvel Comic fans were quick to connect the dots together and confirm that the location is St. Estes Home for Boys – the orphanage where Cletus Kasady (aka Carnage) grew up.  

venom 2

Viewers have been hoping to see Carnage on the big screen since being teased in the post-credits of Venom. In the post-credits, Woody Harrelson appeared as Cletus Kasady.

Though nothing has been announced yet we know that Naomi Harris is pegged to play the role of Shriek in the Venom 2. And there’s no Shriek, if there’s no Carnage.

Venom 2 is scheduled to hit theatres on October 2, 2020.