John Boyega Interviews Himself And It Is Comedy Gold

Gearing up for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is making all of us a little crazy. Especially John Boyega. In a recent Instagram TV post, Boyega introduces his made-up talk show, Boyega on Boyega in an American accent.

The interview is ridiculously funny with him being overly pompous and arrogant, constantly talking about how he’s just perfect. That, coupled with wacky questions such as “Would you rather pee every time you stand or poop every time you sit?”, the caption, “Week three on the press tour and I think I’m starting to lose it,” definitely seems apt.

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John Boyega

John isn’t the only cast member starting to lose it, it seems Daisy Ridley is a little fed up with Josh Gad’s constant harassment. While they were filming Murder on the Orient Express, Gad took it upon himself to ask Ridley all the questions that the fans have been dying to ask.

This five-part series shows the length Gad has gone to pry the answers out of Daisy, starting off with asking the questions himself and slowly building up to the finale where he gets a plethora of actors and actresses to pop in and ask her the questions on everyone’s minds.

We’re not sure how Gad got involved in this whole Star Wars fiasco, maybe its because he’s a part of the Disney family, lending his voice to Frozen 2 as Olaf. Or perhaps, he really is just a huge fan of the show. It does seem a little strange that these videos were filmed before the release of Murder on the Orient Express which came out in 2017 but are only now seeing the light of day.

The press tour seems to be driving the cast wild but it’ll soon be over once Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker airs in cinemas around Singapore on December 19, 2019. And once it’s over, you can try to stop the tears, but it won’t work.