Naomi Harris Pegged For The Role Of Shriek In Venom Sequel

It seems a huge battle is brewing for 2020’s Venom 2 with the introduction of Carnage’s long-time love interest Shriek who will most like be played by actress Naomi Harris.

Venom 2, which will be directed by Andy Serkis, will see Tom Hardy returning to take on the role of Eddie Brock and the anti-hero Venom alongside Woody Harrelson who will be taking on the role of Carnage, as revealed in Venom’s post-credit scene. Harris is currently in talks with the studio to play the role of Shriek for the sequel.

For those unaware, Shriek has been closely associated with Carnage since her introduction in 1993’s Spider-Man Unlimited No. 1, as part of the Maximum Carnage saga. Shriek started out as Frances Louise Barrison, a young woman who was driven to a life of crime due to her troubled childhood. After being shot in the head by a police officer Frances found herself in Cloak’s Darkforce Dimension who ultimately helped unlock her latent mutant abilities. 

Shriek got to know Carnage after she was incarcerated and admitted into the Ravencroft Institute for the Mentally Insane. From there, she ended up falling in love with the dark and murderous Carnage and after escaping from the institute, embarked on a killing spree together. 

While not a darling with the movie critics, the first Venom movie was a surprise hit last October, with the US$100 million production bringing in US$856 million in global box office profits.

Venom 2 is scheduled to hit theatres on October 2, 2020.