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Time To Score A S$199 Nintendo Switch With Qisahn, Lazada And Shopback!

As we head into the tail-end of 2019, this marks the start of all the massive sales which are about to hit us.

While pre 9.9 sales have already started around the Internet, there are really few worthy deals to be found for the geek in us.

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Until now…

This is the deal that puts the others to shame guys. We have it on good authority that with this promotion held together by Qisahn, Lazada and Shopback, a Nintendo Switch can be scored for as low as S$199 which is a fantastic deal all round for the Nintendo Switch. With the original price hovering around the S$399 mark, we’re looking at a 50% discount, which is an awesome deal.

The only small catch we can see is that the console sold is likely to be the older Nintendo Switch model which doesn’t have a stellar battery life compared to the current gen.

If you haven’t gotten a Switch at this point of time, why not? With a slew of awesome releases and a solid indie catalogue, the Nintendo Switch is the darling portable console for gamers on the go.

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The promo itself is tricky as it will be sold on Lazada and will be fulfilled by, Stocks will be limited with the console locked in at around 20 units or so.

Be sure to check out the promo once it goes live on 9 September 2019 at 0019hours.

Happy hunting!

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