First 4 Figures Gets You Pumped Up For Gears 5 With An Exclusive Kait Diaz Statue

Many Xbox One fans have no doubt been beyond excited for the release of their long-awaited exclusive, The Coalition’s Gears 5, which releases on September 10. The iconic third-person shooter franchise has no doubt taken the world by storm since 2006, and the fifth main instalment of the series looks to continue that fandom.

However, instead of Marcus Fenix as the poster boy for Gears 5, Corporal Kait Diaz takes centre stage in the game, and rightly so. And in honour of the new central protagonist to Gears 5, statue makers First 4 Figures have unveiled a resin statue in Diaz’s likeness.

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First teased in the leadup to Gamescom 2019, Diaz sports the Arctic Armor as seen in-game. The action pose of her leaping over a block of ice is certainly one for the shelf. Of course, just because it’s a mostly-white suit of armour, it isn’t without battle scars and snow flecks spattered around, giving one the impression that Diaz has seen some major stuff.

Her standard munitions, including the MX8 Snub Pistol and the Lancer Assault Rifle, are featured as well, bearing a little bit of battle damage, as well as a nice touch of frost.

This will no doubt be a talking point when your friends next come over.

There are two versions: the Kait Diaz Exclusive Edition (US$599.99); and the Kait Diaz Definitive Edition (US$699.99) which gets a tad more detail on the ice diorama.

In celebration of Gears 5‘s launch, First 4 Figures is currently hosting a giveaway for the Kait Diaz statue on their site for the Kait Diaz Exclusive Edition