This Is How Much Space The PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X Will Take Up In Your Home

We might already know the dimensions for Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles but some of us might still have trouble visualising just how much space these chunky consoles will take up in our homes.

To help console gamers out, Japanese illustrator Keisawada has drawn a number of scaled diagrams that give us a better look at how the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will stack up against existing hardware such as our television or Nintendo Switch dock. And we have to say, the new consoles are huge

Speaking of the PS5, the console unsurprisingly sold out mere minutes after it went on sale, with scalpers popping up on sites such as eBay and Carousell to sell off the next-gen console at a much higher price. 

To avoid encouraging such behaviour, and to help you save more money, we advise those interested in getting a PS5 to just wait for the next restock which will happen eventually, perhaps as early as December