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This Dude Beat Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice With Donkey Kong Bongos!


While the debate for accessibility options for a naturally difficult game such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice rages on, others have been pushing the limits of the impossible.

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Such as beating the damn game with a set of bongos.

YouTuber and super creative gamer ATwerkingYoshi was the man responsible for this bizarrely amazing feat, having completed FromSoftware‘s devastating new title not at record speeds, but at a record methodology.

He used a set of Donkey Kong Bongos for his attempt, clocking in a total of just ten hours, amassing approximately 130 deaths when he streamed it.


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The video above shows his battle with the final boss of the game, Isshin the Sword Saint, dying to the boss about 31 times.


ATwerkingYoshi also gave a very detailed explanation of his setup on Imgur, describing how he connected the Bongos using an old Nintendo Gamecube adapter to his PC, and then using a software called JoyToKey to map the bongo’s native inputs to keyboard inputs.

This was to fulfill his theory that Sekiro is, in essence, a “really hard rhythm game”, and that a musical instrument controller such as the Donkey Kong Bongos would be the perfect way to test that theory out. From what we can see, it’s a massive success.

This is actually not the first time ATwerkingYoshi has gone bonkers (read: bongos) with his controller setups. He completed the original Dark Souls with a Guitar Hero guitar controller, as well as Dark Souls 3 with a set of — get this — bananas.

Currently, he’s contemplating a new Sekiro run using a Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad to be streamed on his Twitch channel in the near future.

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Why not join him as he attempts to try out Sekiro in its true “rhythm game” form?

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