This Captain Levi “Attack On Titan” Vacuum Cleaner Barks Orders To Keep Your Home Clean

Any fans of Attack on Titan would know besides being the number one deadliest soldier, Levi Ackermann is the last person to tolerate a dirty room and this time, as a robot vacuum cleaner, he’s going to save you from your dirty spaces.

Robot vacuum company, Roborock is officially launching their Roborock S6 Pure Attack on Titan Captain Levi Voice Model, a brand new robot vacuum model that features the iconic voice behind Levi from the anime, Hiroshi Kamiya.

There’s no one else more fitting than Levi to make sure our rooms are in top-notch condition. Besides identical features to their current non-talking S6 Pure model, the robot vacuum will feature over 104 lines from the voice actor himself such as:

“Cleaning completed. Do you see now? This is what real cleaning is.”

“Commencing cleaning of the area. I will stake my life on wiping out every speck of dust from this shitty room.”

“Suspending cleaning. Well, if that’s what you want…just make sure you won’t regret that choice later.”

The Roborock S6 Pure Attack on Titan Captain Levi Voice Model is available for pre-order on Hikari TV Shopping for 69,800 yen / US$674.

The final season of Attack on Titan anime will return in 2022.