The Witcher Season 2 Teases Game of Thrones’ Kristofer Hivju As New Character

It looks as though a certain denizen of Westeros may be part of the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher.

A recent social media post by incoming Season 2 director Stephen Surjik teased a possible casting of Kristofer Hivju of Game of Thrones fame as a new cast member on The Witcher.

Kristofer Hivju

The post, now deleted but recovered thanks to Redanian Intelligence, included the hashtags of existing cast members, Henry Cavill and Anya Chalotra, and, interestingly, that of Hivju’s. Curious.

It’s interesting to highlight that because, at this point in time, Hivju is in no way related to either actor, having never worked with them, nor has the Norwegian worked with the former Umbrella Academy and The Punisher director.

However, if you go on Hivju’s own Instagram account, one of his most recent follows (at the time of writing) includes the official account for The Witcher as one of them. While it may not amount to anything at first glance, but you can’t deny that there may be a connection to his involvement in the show.

If Kristofer Hivju were indeed cast for The Witcher Season 2, we could be met with a live-action Vesemir, witcher mentor and good friend to Cavill’s Geralt, or even another witcher in the form of Letho of Gulet.

Redanian Intelligence maintains that a more likely character the 42-year-old could play is Nivellen, a man cursed with a form of lycanthropy as seen in “A Grain of Truth”, a short story from The Last Wish, which could see an adaptation in the second season.

Artist’s impression of Nivellen.

“A Grain of Truth” is Andrzej Sapkowski’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast (except without the Beauty part), in that Nivellen cannot control his occasional transformations into a hulking bear-like beast. Something a bear of a man like Hivju could definitely rise up to the challenge for.

In any case, Season 2 of The Witcher is already preparing to start filming and will air sometime in 2021, so we could get confirmation on whether Hivju is actually a new addition to the cast soon enough.