In case you get your US TV fix elsewhere on the Internet, the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 4 is currently available FREE via streaming for anyone residing in South-East Asia from now till October 20th. Head on over to FOX Movies Play to get your fix right now. Hence, the asterix in the headline.

Based on the info on hand, it looks like this is the very first time that FOX Movies Premium is executing something like this. A move to combat illegal downloads of the much acclaimed series I bet. The weird thing is that I feel that this should be all the norm especially where I live (Singapore, sadly) where we are blessed with superfast Internet connections both at home and on your mobile. The cool thing is that FOX Movies Premium has a mobile app that lets you watch on the go as well.

So, what’s keeping these content guys from releasing everything online and skip the cable providers? If you make the content easily available, the customers would definitely follow.

Industry politics aside, I love The Walking Dead series and I feel that even more people should find out what makes this series so grippingly good. Just don’t be like me and spoil yourself by reading the comic before the show.

In case you need a quick refresher, here is a small synopsis to get you up to speed:

In the months since the third season drew to a close and fans were left reeling from the bloodbath that claimed the lives of many of the show’s original cast members, theories and questions have been spiraling and taking seed; will the prison community survive without Rick’s leadership? What does The Governor have planned for his revenge on Rick and his group of survivors?

Depending on where you live in South-East Asia, do check out your local channel provider for FOX Movies Premium here and tune in at  10pm for Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and 9pm for Indonesia and Thailand

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