Update 3 October 2015 0835: The haze has caused the organizers to cancel the event. Fret not, however, teams are still eligible for their goodie bags. 

It seems that even after six seasons, The Walking Dead continues to shuffle along to greater success. And in light of this, FOX and SingTel have tied up again to launch the new season in a big way. The railroad setting last year might have been too low key, which is why the stakes have been raised with this year’s big activation is taking place at Marina Bay.

Sign ups are happening now till 25 September 2015 with 4 more of your friends at foxtwdmissionsurvive.sg. No purchase required but being a SingTel subscriber nets you additional points at the end of the game.

The Walking Dead Mission Survive will pit you and your friends against the oncoming zombie (and other competing groups). The entire activity is a GPS game where your team will have to navigate around the entire Marina Bay area to make it to the safety zone with a trusty smartphone app.

From the looks of things, each group will be on the ground simultaneously while trying to clear three different kinds of stations:

  • Quest Stations where clans can earn points based on tasks of varying difficulties
  • Weapon Stations where clans can obtain weapons to aid their mission
  • Global Missions which are challenges that based off different scenarios from previous seasons of the TV Series

It looks pretty challenging and complex, let’s hope that the smartphone app does not break on the day itself.

Pretty cool that FOX is putting in the effort to kick off The Walking Dead in a big way year after year! Best part of all? It’s absolutely FREE!

The Walking Dead Season 6 premieres on FOX (SingTel TV Ch. 330) 9pm. Same-day telecast as the US.

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