These Star Wars Nixon Watches Will Lure You to the Dark Side

A disturbance in the Force was felt in May when Nixon Watches announced a new range of Star Wars-themed timepieces. At that time, no one knew what the Dark Side would reveal except that the watches could possibly be based on stormtrooper, Boba Fett and Darth Vader designs. Our visions were then clouded for the last four months.

Today, California-based Nixon Watches finally revealed its awesome power of the Dark Side with a Stormtrooper range of watches, along with the Imperial Pilot and Darth Vader. No sign of Boba Fett yet, but according to Nixon, the Bounty Hunter will be making his debut this November.

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The Imperial Pilot and Stormtrooper series come in four watch face designs to suit your wants. The Unit 40 Imperial Pilot (US$125) and Unit Imperial Pilot (US$150) offer digital faces with positive or negative displays. The movement is a custom digital module that tells (dual) time, the date on the 12 o’clock, temperature at the six, and boasts a countdown timer, chronograph, alarm and light functions.

The Ranger 40 Imperial Pilot (US$200) and Ranger Imperial Pilot (US$375) are powered by Japanese quartz and tell time via the helmet ventilation-inspired hands. Both wear the Imperial insignia proudly on the 12 o’clock and holster their Nixon-branded crowns on the 4 o’clock. On the backs of the cases are the unit model of the watches with a headshot of pilots with the words ‘Crash and Burn’.

The Imperial Pilot series come in Imperial Pilot Black (what else?) with flourishes of red on the watch faces of individual models.




Like the Imperial Pilot before them, the Stormtrooper series come in two digital and two analog face designs. The Unit 40 Stormtrooper (US$125) and Unit Stormtrooper (US$150) boast digital displays similar to the Imperial Pilot range, down to the functions, and have silicone straps. So, too, are the specifications for case and water resistance. The Ranger Stormtrooper (US$375) is also powered by a Japanese quartz and feature a contrasting black crown at the 4 o’clock. The hands are also designed based on the helmet-ventilation system of the Stormtroopers. The Ranger Stormtrooper shackles to your wrists in a 22mm stainless steel bracelet.

However, the 51-30 Stormtrooper (US$550) moves away from the pack with its Swiss-made quartz with a 60-second subdial designed with the Imperial ensign. But a sneaky tidal subdial got our attention: A custom E-11 blaster points to ‘KILL’ and ’STUN’ for high and low tides respectively. A gasket screw down crown and pusher lines the 9 and 8 o’clock placements.

The 51-30 Stormtrooper also boasts a water resistance rating of up to 300m/30ATM in its 51mm custom solid stainless steel case. It also boasts a 25mm stainless steel bracelet with double locking clasp with micro adjust.

On the back of the watch faces are the model numbers and a headshot of the famed Imperial militia together with the famous quote ‘Move Along’ to shame them to eternity. All watches come in Stormtrooper White.




As befitting a Sith Lord, the creme de la creme of today’s announcement is the ominous Darth Vader Nixon timepiece (US$2,500). Unlike the others before it, this horologe is powered by a Nixon custom Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 mechanical movement, and a three-hand dial. The piece-de-resistance is the Vader mask design on the 6 o’clock.

A custom titanium case with triple gasket screw down crown on the 9 o’clock gives this ticker a 300m/30 ATM water resistance, while a 25mm custom titanium bracelet ensures it stays firmly on your wrist – even if your hand is sliced off with a lightsaber. Unlike the other series, there is no head shot of Darth Vader on the custom back case but Vader’s favourite quip ‘Most Impressive’ written in English and the model number written in Aurobesh.





Nixon isn’t the only watch maker to unveil a Star Wars watch range – and won’t be the last. American horologie Devon Works revealed its US$28,500 Darth Vader-themed watch on Force Friday to a million voices crying out in awe. The limited edition timepiece (only 500 made) is a revised Devon Tread 1 redesigned with elements from Vader’s personal effects – including his TIE Advanced x1 fighter as well as his iconic helmet.

It would be unfair to compare the two watches as Devon’s offering is a lot more premium but also comes with a price tag 10 times higher. For its price, the Nixon watches stands on its own but it may not hold up to expectations of serous watch collectors.

Devon Star Wars Watch

Nixon released the Ranger Imperial Pilot and Ranger Stormtrooper watches during the San Diego Comic Con this year and hinted at a Light Side collection to be unveiled in 2016. We’re hoping to see one with R2’s markings. Which of these are you looking to get?

Together with the Star Wars watch collections, Nixon also announced the accompanying Imperial Pilot and Stormtrooper bags, wallets and belts. Browse the full range of products on Nixon’s official website here.