The Updated Steam Link App Allows You To Stream Games From ANYWHERE

The cloud gaming bandwagon is full steam ahead with Valve’s updated Steam Link app for Android.

Previously, one could already play games on their mobile phone but only on their home network. With this latest update, you’re able to stream games from anywhere just as long as you have an Internet connection.

We’ve tested the new application while on a 5G network in Singapore and the experience is butter smooth with no lag at all.

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When it comes to battery drain on the phone, playing Slay the Spire for about an hours on my Google Pixel 3 drained the battery by about 20%.

In terms of mobile data, gaming the relatively lightweight title took a rather massive 1.33GB bite out of my monthly plan.

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The game worked well with touch controls and there are a few options for you to decide if a controller or controller/touchscreen combo works best as well.

As long as the program can be plugged into Steam on your desktop, you can pretty much run any title. Having tested with Transformers Devastation which was not native to Steam, it worked wonders as well.

The timing of the release is also significant: Steam is readying ahead of GDC 2019, where Google is widely expected to take the wraps off its new Project Stream-powered streaming gaming service at an event on March 19th.

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Valve is certainly not about to give up without a fight but whoever the winner is, such moves are awesome for the customer.

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