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The Smaller Nintendo Switch May Be Released This Fall

Rumours of a Mini version of the Nintendo Switch releasing later this year have surfaced over the last few months. According to Japanese newspaper Nikkei, that release date will most likely be around the fall.

Also according to Nikkei, this budget version of the Switch will precede the “Pro” version of the Switch. This is highly reminiscent of the old Nintendo 3DS, which had a more powerful XL version, as well as a more petite, stripped-down 2DS version.

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A mock-up of the Nintendo Switch Mini, courtesy of Nintendo Life.

So far, we know that the mini Switch will only be handheld, as it will lack the detachable JoyCon support that the original enjoys, among other compensations, to make up for the enhanced portability.

As such, it will be the cheapest Switch in existence once it’s out, and, much like the Pro version in the pipeline, is probably Nintendo’s way of catering to a wider demographic of gamers.

This makes perfect sense, considering the wider spread of games, announced at this year’s Nintendo Direct and Nindies showcase bringing a lot of games to casual players, along with new heavy hitters such as Pokémon Sword & Shield, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 catered for the more hardcore audience.

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More details about the new Switch models will most definitely be unveiled in the months to come.

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