Doom Eternal Gets Pushed Back To March 2020

Sad news for Doom fans; id Software‘s latest fast-paced, demon-slaying shooter, Doom Eternal, will be delayed to March 20, 2020.

Its initial release date was supposed to be November 22, 2019 as seen at Bethesda’s E3 2019 press con, but as explained by id itself, the game will continue to be in development for another four months to really smoothen out any edges for “the best experience” possible.

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The new release date will be only for the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions, while the Nintendo Switch version will be released sometime “after the other platforms”.

This delay will also affect the new Invasion mode mechanic for Doom Eternal, as it was planned as a post-launch release. Invasion mode allows players to join another’s session, but as a demon. Instead, Invasion will be available as a pre-order bonus.


Furthermore, as another silver lining to the Doom Eternal-shaped cloud, id has also announced that the classic Doom 64 will also be another pre-order bonus. It will also be released on the same date as Doom Eternal, on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, on top of Nintendo Switch.

If anything, a delay is a step in the right direction for id and publisher Bethesda, especially after the Fallout 76 disaster.

For now, maybe play Doom on a cash register or something.