Good news Google fans. The company’s highly touted Pixel phones are landing in Singapore, courtesy of online retailer Lazada. From 4 November 2016 @ 12pm, you can pick up the Google Pixel, without waiting in line.

The 32GB and 128GB variants of the Google Pixel will be available in Quite Black, Very Silver and Really Blue (in XL too).

The biggest question now is, how much of a premium are we paying as compared to the folks around the world?

Here’s a quick table to help you out at a glance, do note the difference in price based on the capacity of the phones. We’ll be updating this when we get the full pricing:

Google Pixel 32GB S$1,149 ~S$900 (US$649) ~S$1,144 (AU$1,079)
Google Pixel 128GB S$1,339 ~S$1,039 (US$749) ~S$1,346 (AU$1,269)
Google Pixel XL 32GB S$1,359 ~S$1,067 (US$769) ~S$1,307 (AU$1,229)
Google Pixel XL 128GB S$,1499 ~S$1,039 (US$749) ~S$1,350 (AU$1,269)
Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB S$998
iPhone 7 128GB S$1,218
iPhone 7S 128GB S$1,418

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