For all the good friends out there who travel to Europe and the UK, the burden of bringing back the small little caffeine pods filled with aromatic ground coffee beans is now a thing of the past.

Nespresso Singapore has announced that it will be lowering its prices, thereby placing all 24 Grand Cru coffees on its menu on a (close) price parity with other markets. It actually did so on Nov 1, the very day it opened its third Nespresso boutique here, at Raffles City.

If you don’t recognise the place, the boutique is at #01-16, which was the former location of Menya Musashi, right next to Brotzeit.


The 25 to 29 per cent price drop in local pricing means that Singaporeans now pay $6.80 for a sleeve of Arpeggio or Roma, instead of $9.10, $7.60 for a sleeve of Kazaar or Indriya, instead of $10.70, $7.20 for a sleeve of Vivalto or Envivo, instead of $9.90, and $8.20 for the Vanilio, Ciocattino and Caramelito variations, instead of $11.50.

Given that a sleeve of Roma currently costs €3.50 (S$5.40), some might argue that we are still more expensive, but if you are the type of person who flies to the US to pick up American Cheese because it costs $2 cheaper there, we will not be the ones who can convince you that there are other more precious goods to bring back with your limited luggage space.


Now this is not the first time that a business here has decided that it will try harder to match its prices to those overseas. French fashion label Chanel did it with a selection of its 2.55, 11.12 and Boy Chanel bags on a global level last year, and it looks as if more international brands are realising that consumers are no longer willing to pay for more at retail fronts, when they can save money by shipping items here, or getting their friends to do it for them.

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And given the recent news that US online retailer Amazon is launching here next year, which could see more price drops due to competition, it makes us wonder – which other brands will follow suit.

Or rather, which brands do you want to see change their prices here, to match those in other markets?

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