DLC Characters Unearthed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

We absolutely adored Dragon Ball FighterZ, and with 24 characters on the roster already, there are plenty of combinations that can easily turn out to be the best team ever.

However, if data miners are to be believed, we will soon have more fighters joining the fray.

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Thanks to TDLink over at ResetEra, the potential list shows eight additional fighters together with two new modes – Z Union and Z League – that will be added to the base game.

While these entries appear to be just for in-game avatars, TDLink points out that these are the only 8 avatars missing currently in the game, and probably spells out the new combatants in the future:

  • Broly
  • Bardock
  • Zamasu (With Fused?)
  • Vegito (Blue?)
  • Base Goku
  • Base Vegeta
  • Cooler
  • Android 17 (Ranger)

Of course, there is no confirmation from developers Arc System Works or Bandai Namco, do with it what you will.