The Great Singaporean Sale, A New Card Game Asks, “How Cheapskate Can You Be?”

What’s the craziest thing someone would do for a quick S$10? Shave your head bald? Skinnydip in Singapore’s Kallang River? That’s the question the team behind The Great Singaporean Sale wishes to find out. 

According to its developers, The Great Singaporean Sale, which will be released on Kickstarter come October 25, 2019, is a great way to let “you and your friends learn and laugh about the insane things each other can do for money.” 

Abhishek Jain, one of the creators behind the game, said that the idea came to them while they were serving their National Service where they would often “hear NSFs talking about going the extra mile for extra cash.” So naturally, they decided to develop a game to test exactly what is that extra mile people are willing to go through for some extra cash. 

“Initially, we made prototypes and approached many Singaporeans to test the game out. Their laughter and support from the test plays really motivated us to Kickstart this, and bring it to the recent GameStart 2019!“ Abhishek said.

The gameplay for The Great Singaporean Sale is similar to Cards Against Humanity where each player gets a number of answer cards in their hands and each round, a different player will take on the role of “Ka-Chingaporean” who will set down the question card for the other players to answer. Each player will then choose an answer card they feel will suit the “Ka-Chingaporean” best and put it down. From there, the “Ka-Chingaporean” will choose their favourite answer and the chosen player is the winner for the round. 

“Ultimately, this game embodies the hilarious Singaporean ‘culture’ of doing absurd things for money, and in a way also reveals one’s personality and materialism,” Abhishek explained. “The combination of creating funny and real conversations is the essence of the game.”

But before you can get to play this game, the team will need your help to get it funded first through their Kickstarter starting on October 25, 2019. You can find out more details about them from their official website as well as Instagram.