The Complete Star Wars Skywalker Saga Lands On Disney+ On May The 4th

Finally, the moment fans of the Star Wars franchise have all been waiting for — the entire Skywalker Saga will be available to stream on Disney+ when The Rise of Skywalker joins the streamer’s catalogue on May the 4th!

In the lead-up to the release, Lucasfilm has released a trailer that depicts all nine films of the Saga in style. Despite the controversial Sequel Trilogy, seeing the all nine Star Wars movies in an epic montage will still be cause for some hype.

Though many other fans might be looking forward to the Skywalker Saga box set more, this will definitely be a more convenient option for the fandom.

Of course, if you’re not staying in the US, getting a VPN subscription will help you catch the entire Skywalker saga on Disney+.