The Beoplay Portal Is Bang & Olufsen’s Attempt At Getting A Slice Of The Gaming Market

When it comes to headphones, especially in the realm of gaming, the liberal use of RGB is well understood. Flipping the script, the options when it comes to luxe headphones in the gaming realm, there are really few and far between.

Bang and Olufsen, also known as B&O, is looking to fill that gap. The company has just released its first wireless gaming headset. But it does not look like every other gaming headphone, the headset still keeps the brand’s classy and luxurious look intact while still serving quality audio.

These headphones can be yours at US$499, similar to the price of an Xbox console itself. Coincidence or not, these headphones are designed to connect to the Xbox ecosystem. Compatible with the Series X, Series S, Xbox One, or to a PC with the Xbox wireless adapter. But of course, not only can it connect to Xbox consoles directly, it can concurrently connect to other Bluetooth devices.

The steep pricing does have its perks. Equipped with adaptive active noise cancellation (ANC) and a gaming audio mode. The audio mode automatically activates when connected to a console or PC via a USB-C. The headphones also come with a 3.5mm headphone jack. The audio input will go through a virtual boom arm that helps amplify your voice while canceling out background noise, allowing for crystal clear conversations.

The B&O app makes your gaming experience ever so futuristic. You can change your EQ and voice optimization levels with gesture controls. Their “Own Voice” technology allows better voice balance with the ANC feature. ANC has 40mm drivers that create virtualized surround sound that supports Dolby Atmos.

The headphones have a touted battery life of 12 hours when connected to an Xbox console and Bluetooth device with ANC or 24 hours when connected to just one Bluetooth device with ANC enabled.

All this technology is packed into an impressively classy body matching B&O’s design aesthetic. The ear cuffs are lined with memory foam and lambskin leather, with bamboo fiber textile covering the headband. As well as some touches of finely milled aluminum that create the bases for the buttons. The best thing is the total weight adds up to a lightweight 282 grams, making the headset a great double as a travel companion.

The headset comes in three colors, Navy, Black Anthracite, and Grey Mist. You can treat yourself to an elevated gaming experience with the Beoplay Portal on the Microsoft store.

If these headphones are out of your budget, the equally affordable and impressive 2021 Xbox Gaming Headset is a solid alternative.