The Batman Taps On VFX Filming Techniques From The Mandalorian For Certain Scenes

When one looks at The Batman and The Mandalorian, one can easily draw similarities between both characters: cold, aloof, and enshrouded in mystery in the form of a cape and cowl. But it appears that there are more similarities to the two rather than just the titular main characters alone.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the upcoming film by Matt Reeves has been using real-time virtual production techniques in collaboration with the folks from Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), similar to the ones used in the first season of the Disney+ show by Jon Favreau, in certain scenes. Bridging the gap here is cinematographer Greg Fraser, who also shot for The Mandalorian using these techniques.

The Mandalorian

“I see a world where almost every film will use this technology in some way, shape or form. Be it from a $250 million blockbuster down to a $2 million independent movie using it for one sequence that they dry hire a studio that’s already been built and they get in there like a location. So I believe when the technology kicks on and gets widely adopted, when people understand what it can do, I believe it’ll be used quite a lot,” explained Fraser in an interview with Collider earlier this year regarding the VFX technology.

Matt Reeves’ film reboot about the Dark Knight is certainly in good hands, given how stellar The Mandalorian looked when it first premiered on Disney+ last November. Which exact scenes in The Batman were given this technical facelift remains to be seen.

Our answers lie in the actual film itself, which releases in theatres on 4 March 2022 (provided no more delays take place). Meanwhile, The Mandalorian is gearing up for the premiere of its second season on 30 October 2020.