TGA 2022 Hellboy Web of Wyrd

TGA 2022: ‘Hellboy Web of Wyrd’ Brings Original Story With Lance Reddick

If you are a fan of Dark Horse Comics, chances are, the universe of Hellboy is one that you should be quite familiar with. Beyond the movies, the adventures of the crimson hero have largely been restricted to comic books, but now, things are about to change. At The Game Awards 2022, Good Shepherd Entertainment and Upstream Arcade revealed Hellboy Web of Wyrd, a roguelite action adventure that features an original story with Lance Reddick voicing the lead.

Featuring an original story crafted with Mike Mignola, series creator, the game will welcome players to the Butterfly House, a mysterious manor of perverse angles and non-Euclidean geometry built by occultist Pasquale Deneveaux to open a gateway to the Wyrd, a vast, interdimensional web of wondrous and horrifying planes of existence beyond our world. When a B.P.R.D. agent vanishes inside the mansion, it’s up to Hellboy and his team of agents to uncover its forbidden secrets in Hellboy Web of Wyrd

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Players can expect to journey into the deepest realms of the Wyrd, each hiding a unique investigation into the unknown. Battle powerful creatures in search of forgotten godforms and magnificent treasures, but beware: ancient evil festers within the Wyrd’s darkest reaches… evil that wants out.

“Adapting the Hellboy comics to a game is a dream project for all of us. The opportunity to create something authentic — that’s something we take very seriously,” said Amanda Kruse, Publishing Director at Good Shepherd Entertainment. “Our partnership with Mike Mignola and the creative team at Dark Horse has been inspiring. The support and trust they’ve given us have allowed Upstream Arcade to bring their vision to life. Hellboy Web of Wyrd is a bold new work we are excited to share with fans of the comics and action-adventure games alike.”

“We are extremely excited by this amazing new Hellboy game developed by Good Shepherd Entertainment,” said Mike Richardson, CEO of Dark Horse Media. “Mike Mignola has created a hero and world unique in comics, and this game gives fans a new way to share in his supernatural adventures.”

Hellboy Web of Wyrd is in development for PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch