‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Gets Gruesome Uncut Trailer And 2023 Release

Gruesome and horrifying is how Gun Interactive’s multiplayer horror game Texas Chain Saw Massacre is set to roll. At the Xbox Games Extended Showcase, a new and uncut red-band trailer of the game was unveiled, and it’s as terrifyingly brutal as one would expect.

In it, the Slaughter Family is seen chasing down their victims, with the Leatherface pulling out his iconic chainsaw on his target at one point. Fans of the original film will also recognise the familiar frights and sights that have been carried over to the game.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre is releasing sometime in 2023, but with tweaks to the asymmetrical horror genre. Instead of the five-versus-one structure found typically in titles like Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, it will pit four survivors against the three bloodthirsty killers.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

While that may seem like an overkill, these characters are more human beings that they are supernatural and super-powered entities (unlike the many horrors of Dead by Daylight), so it makes sense for them to have a little help. Besides, an added level of challenge doesn’t hurt every now and then (but you know what will? Being speared by Leatherface’s chainsaw).

The game is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, PC, last-gen consoles, and the Xbox Game Pass, which means subscribers will also be able to enjoy the blood feast at no added cost.