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Test Your ‘Magic Eye’ Prowess With Captain Marvel’s Latest 90s Throwback

It looks like there’s no stopping the creative marketing folks over at Disney/Marvel in whipping out 90s throwbacks to market Captain Marvel. First, there was the awesome, and nostalgic 90s-style official website, complete with gaudy colours, animated GIFs and broken images.

This time around, the official Twitter page has posted up a series of ‘Magic Eye’ illusion images that supposedly reveal something interesting about each of the characters. If you’re a 90s kid, you should already know what to do. Otherwise, the trick is to stare at each image long enough, till it magically distorts before your very eyes and reveals a 3D-shape. Can you spot them all?

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Here’s a pro-tip, you’ll need to stare at it on a computer screen instead of your mobile device. It’ll be much easier.

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