Tencent Games Partners Universal Studios Beijing For IP-Integrated Theme Park Experience

The influence of Tencent Games has never been short of far-reaching, and a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Chinese company and the upcoming Universal Studios Beijing continues to drive the point home. Leading up to its opening in May 2021, the theme park announced that it will be bringing in Tencent IPs after launch, with a focus on long-term development and cooperation opportunities.

Honor of Kings, one of Tencent’s most prominent first-party titles.

Taking on a similar approach to Universal Studio Japan’s collaborative model, the partnership is set to debut the gaming IPs in the form of seasonal events. While first-party titles like Honor of Kings and QQ are expected to be featured, it’s not currently known if Tencent’s other subsidaries like League of Legends , Clash of Clans, and Fortnite are tacked onto the list.

Esports has also been named as part of the plan for further growth, but the specifics have yet to be detailed. The integration of competitive gaming with a theme park concept does open up the possibility of offline esports-centric events, which should appeal more to enthusiasts.

Just hold your horses for a bit, though: even though Universal Studios Beijing is launching this year, the seasonal events won’t kick off until 2022, so gaming fans will have to exercise patience in the meantime.

Themed attractions based on popular franchises have been around for quite some time while, with the latest buzz being Super Nintendo World in Osaka, Japan. Unfortunately for fans, the park is currently facing a delayed opening due to the nation’s state of emergency status.