Telltale Games’ Upcoming Titles ‘The Expanse’ & ‘The Wolf Among Us 2’ Will Be Built On Unreal Engine

Like a zombie, Telltale Games is coming back from the dead. While the revival of the studio known for its interactive, episodic story games was announced in 2019, it stayed relatively quiet over the past two years. However, it seems like 2022 is the year for Telltale Games to get back into the ring.

In a year-end update on Twitter, the studio teased the possible release of The Wolf Among Us 2 in the near future. The Wolf Among Us is a spin-off of the modern classic comic book series, Fables. The first game’s release in 2013 was favourably received, and its cliffhanger ending left fans clamouring for a sequel. Looks like the long wait could potentially be over soon.

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Telltale Games is also partnering with Deck Nine Games to make The Expanse: A Telltale Series, based on the science fiction novel series by James S. A. Corey. The studio is also going to be using Unreal Engine for their games, moving away from their Telltale Tool engine built back in 2004.

Fans of Telltale Games should keep their eyes peeled in 2022, because it seems like the studio’s familiar interactive storytelling games are going to make a comeback.