Team Ninja’s Action-RPG Spin-Off, Final Fantasy Origin Rumoured For E3 2021

The Final Fantasy legacy has certainly held up well against time, with the franchise welcoming new titles to its library on a fairly regular basis. As fans await the arrival of Final Fantasy XVI, another project is believed to be in the works, this time bearing the influences of the action-RPG genre.

According to Fanbyte, Nioh developer and Koei Tecmo studio Team Ninja is reportedly developing a Dark Souls-style Final Fantasy spin-off, which is rumoured for an E3 2021 reveal as part of Square Enix’s show. The game, reportedly titled Final Fantasy Origin, will be set in the world of the original Final Fantasy that was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1987. It’s expected to be a PS5 console exclusive, with a PC release slated for a later date after the initial launch.

While information about the title was first conveyed via a leak on gaming forums and Reddit, Fanbyte reports that its sources were able to corroborate the rumour, which includes the apparent inclusion of action-RPG battle mechanics a la Dark Souls or the studio’s very own Nioh games. An alpha demo is also set to arrive this summer, and will reportedly be called Stranger in Paradise.

Additionally, Final Fantasy Origin is understood to be helmed by the team behind fighting game spin-off Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, alongside a handful of Nioh veterans. Despite the influence, players can expect gameplay to be more accessible, though further confirmation is needed on this front.

Naturally, none of these rumoured content are cast in stone. Plans, after all, do change, so it’s not a guarantee that the game will make an appearance at this year’s E3, which is taking place from 12 to 15 June as an all-digital event for the very first time.