Taste The Depths Of Hell As 'Diablo Immortal' Teams Up With Burger King Japan For New Cheeseburger

Taste The Depths Of Hell As ‘Diablo Immortal’ Teams Up With Burger King Japan For New Cheeseburger

No matter what you think of the monetisation mechanics in Diablo Immortal, the fact is that it is immensely popular, with droves of players jumping back into Sanctuary to fight against the forces of evil. And for Diablo Immortal players in Japan, Blizzard is sending some much-needed sustenance with the help of Burger King in the form of the Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger.

A rough translation sees the ingredients as two 100% beef patties grilled directly over an open flame, smoked dry flakes, a special spicy sauce, and four pieces of cheese, and it will only be available for a limited time only.

If the Diablo Immortal burger promotion was not enough, the Japanese Twitter account for the game is also holding a giveaway for three commemorative T-shirts featuring art drawn by manga artist Bkub Okawa (Pop Team Epic). And it will feature none other than the iconic monster known as the Butcher.

The T-shirts sees an adorable chibi version of the giant, horned demon – complete with his famous hook and giant meat cleaver – underneath the caption “Fresh Meat?” The giveaway runs from 9 to 16 September.

Even if you are not actively playing Diablo Immortal, the burger definitely looks appetising, and the T-shirt is also a cool piece of merchandise to own, especially for big fans of the franchise. Now, we can only hope this marketing campaign makes its way out of Japan and into more parts of the world where other players are waiting.