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Respawn Confirms That Apex Legends Cross-Play Will Happen… Eventually

Yes, we will be getting cross-play support for Apex Legends. No, we will not be getting any for...

Apex Legends Draw More Than 10 Million Players After Just 72 Hours

Respawn's newest free-to-play battle royale game is off to a strong start.

Titanfall 3 No Longer In The Works by Respawn, But A New Titanfall Game Will Still Be Released This Year

First, we get a Titanfall battle royale game without Titans, what's next Respawn?

EA Is Releasing A Free-To-Play Titanfall Battle Royale Game Very Soon

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E3 2016 Recap: EA’s Press Conference

EA kicked off E3 2016 week with their press conference, giving us information on several of their upcoming...

Titanfall’s “Free The Frontier” Live-action Film is EPIC

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Attack on Titanfall: Mash Up Animation!

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Geek Review: Titanfall

A solid FPS title that blends existing concepts together well. Skinny on features which would hopefully be added...

Titanfall PC Game Facebook Giveaway!

Standby for Titanfall! We're giving away one digital download copy of the newly released shooter by Respawn Entertainment.