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Sony PlayStation Rolls Out PSN Name Changes!

PSN name changes go official.

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Cook meals and navigate without a map in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Geek Review: Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

A powerful and fitting end to the beginning of Lara Croft’s legend.

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Easy access to all your Kingdom Hearts needs!

PSN Name Changes Creeping Closer To Reality!

You may get to kiss your youth foolishness goodbye soon!

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A satisfying blend of making a killing, while doing plenty of killing.

Geek Review: Omega Strike

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Geek Review: 8-Bit Armies

Go back in time with this RTS-lite.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Teases New Gameplay Reveal!

Red Dead Redemption 2's new gameplay video is coming up in less than twenty-four hours.

TGS 2018: Final Assault Is Real-Time Strategy Done Right On The PS VR

VR and RTS, who knew that they could make for such a successful formula?

Phoenix Wright’s Courtroom Shenanigans Shift To PC, PS4, XBox One And Switch

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney will be getting a modern upgrade.